North West Kent Ladies Bowls League

Club Rep: Jennifer Gibbs

The North West Kent league was started by two Westerham players, Gladys and Fred Tyler, that was back in the 1980’s and could even have been before that. There was a ladies league and a men’s league. This was to enable those that didn’t play in the Sevenoaks or West Kent to play in a league, on a Thursday evening.  North West Kent league played clubs North of Westerham such as Petts Wood, and Bromley Town.. This league has grown over the years, and is competitive, the men’s league has 8 divisions and the ladies 4 divisions, so always the delight of going up or the dread of going down! 

Unfortunately, with the focus for the men being on a Friday night with the Sevenoaks and District league support for the NW Kent League dwindled and the men withdrew.

The ladies have known the joy of going up and the disappointment of going down. Currently we are in Division Two with the hope that this year we could return to the top division.