Sevenoaks and District Bowls League

1.      Concept

The league runs every Friday evening between May and August and consists of seven clubs.

  • Borough Green – Teams: Borough Green, Minters Orchard, Woodlands and Valley View
  • Knockholt – Teams: Beeches and Knockholt
  • Holmesdale – Teams: Amherst, Holmesdale, Montreal Park
  • Sevenoaks – Teams: Acorns, Hollybush, Sevenoaks, Solefields
  • Tonbridge – Teams: Angel, Longmead, Priory, Tonbridge,  and Vale
  • Hadlow – Team: Hadlow
  • Westerham – Teams: Westerham and Wolfe

Made up of 3 divisions each club can enrol as many teams as they wish.

Currently, our club has 2 teams enrolled:

  1. Westerham (Division 3) – Captained by Colin Morey
  2. Wolfe (Division 3) – Captained by Nigel Green

Each team consists of 6 players playing 2 triple rinks. Maximum score to be achieved each week is 6 points, made up of rink scores (2 points/triple win) and overall team score (2 points/win)

A draw on any of the above results in 1 point being scored. At the end of the season the top two teams in each division get promoted with the bottom two being relegated.

“Good luck to our two teams as they strive for that elusive promotion place”

2.      Weekly Results

3.      Report/s

    4.      League Tables

    5.      Fixtures