Coaching at Westerham Bowls Club

Westerham Bowls club is fortunate to have a qualified and experienced coach amongst its membership:

Anne Farley
Coaching Qualifications
English Bowls Coaches Society
Level 2

As a support for your initial coaching sessions, you may like to click on the link below which gives new bowlers a good insight to the basics of the game. Click to view:
Guidance for New Bowlers Issue 14


Anne is available to provide support to everyone whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced player.

Prospective Members

In addition to our annual Open Day, members of the public are welcome to contact the club for a taster session, without obligation, to see if Bowls is for them.

An introduction to the game of Bowls is available by prior arrangement. For further information contact the club Membership Secretary, Graham Powell on 07779 940513.

New Members

Before you commit to joining the club, you may have up to three coaching sessions with Anne. She’ll bring you up to speed with the rudimentary elements of the game and prepare you for joining the club with a view to contributing to its success in the future.

Club Members

Purposeful practice and sessions focused on the major roles played by team members are available as required and diagnostic clinics are also available on a one-to-one basis for all players irrespective of your experience level.

If you think it is time to strive for that Bowls improvement you have always been looking for, get in contact with Anne. She is looking forward to hearing from you.

Etiquette at Westerham Bowls Club….

…means to have consideration for your fellow players and to act in a way that is appropriate within the guidelines and laws of the game which you should become familiar with. New Bowlers will not be expected to pick up points of etiquette immediately but will do so through coaching and mentoring by experienced players at the club.

In no particular order:  Some examples are set out below ….

  • Be ready to bowl when it is your turn. Keep track of play.
  • Mobile phones should be put on silent during play and used with discretion whilst around the green.
  • Avoid obscuring the rink number and markers or the jack (no white shoes behind a white jack).
  • The Lead should prepare the wood for his/her opposite number when the latter is placing the jack.
  • Respect players who are on the mat and wait until they have bowled before crossing the end of a rink.
  • Always pay your Skip the respect of waiting for their decision. Do not step on to the mat and indicate which way you intend to bowl – wait for the Skip’s instructions.
  • Try not to stand with your shadow over the jack.
  • Never deliver your bowl until the previous bowl has come to rest.
  • All players at the mat end, in particular the No. 1, should assist in collecting bowls when the end is completed. 
  • The lead should prepare the wood for his/her Skip if they are next to bowl.
  • Do not walk through the ‘head’ when changing ends. 
  • Do not walk across other rinks to leave or return to your rink.
  • Always respect the green surface by not dropping bowls, standing with feet on the edge or walking in the ditches.
  • Stand at least one metre behind the mat when not bowling. 
  • Make sure your position at the “head” end does not distract the bowler.
  • If playing in triples or rinks, please remember this is a team game. It is not helpful for leads, especially new bowlers, to be told that leads ‘put up and shut up.’ 
  • Remember it is not a team decision to determine the number of shots won or lost, it is the role of the Number 2, or 3 in rinks, to decide if a measure is required.
  • It is okay to acknowledge good shots from both sides with appropriate applause.
  • Applauding a shot which has rested well if it was the result of a ‘lucky’ wick is not appropriate.
  • Try not to criticise your opponents, the green, or your own team. Say something positive or do not say anything at all.
  • To prevent picking up loose material do not leave the club whilst wearing your bowls shoes.
  • Always inform your opponent if you intend to leave the green.
  • Win or lose – do both with good grace. Above all, enjoy the game of bowls and do not forget to offer your opponents a drink after the game.